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Takes node-split results and produces summary data frame


# S3 method for nodesplit
summary(object, ...)



An object of class "nodesplit" generated by mb.nodeplit()


further arguments passed to or from other methods


A data frame of summary node-split results with the following variables:

  • Comparison The treatment comparison on which a node-split has been performed

  • Time.Param The time-course parameter on which a node-split has been performed

  • Evidence The evidence contribution for the given comparison (either "Direct" or "Indirect")

  • Median The posterior median

  • 2.5% The lower 95% credible interval limit

  • 97.5% The upper 95% credible interval limit

  • p.value The Bayesian p-value for the overlap between direct and indirect evidence for the given comparison (it will therefore have an identical value for direct and indirect evidence within a particular comparison and time-course parameter)