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A dataset containing results on the WOMAC pain scale (0-10) over time for studies investigating 29 treatments for pain relief in patients with osteoarthritis. Standard deviations have been imputed for 269 observations.




A data frame with 417 rows and 7 variables:

  • studyID Study identifiers

  • time Numeric data indicating follow-up times

  • y Numeric data indicating the mean response for a given observation

  • se Numeric data indicating the standard error for a given observation

  • treatment Treatment identifiers as factors. Labels are shortened treatment names.

  • arm Arm identifiers coded for each study

  • treatname Character data giving the full names of each treatment


Pfizer Ltd.


osteopain is a data frame in long format (one row per observation, arm and study), with the variables studyID, time, y, se, treatment, arm and treatname.