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A dataset from a systematic review of pharmacological treatments for reducing body weight in patients with obesity. The outcome is continuous, and aggregate data responses are given as mean change from baseline in body weight (KG). Overall there are 35 RCTs investigating 26 treatments of 16 agents (/combinations of agents) in the network. Standard deviations have been imputed for 421 observations.




A data frame with 710 rows and 7 variables:

  • studyID Study identifiers

  • time Numeric data indicating follow-up times

  • y Numeric data indicating the mean response for a given observation

  • se Numeric data indicating the standard error for a given observation

  • n Numeric data indicating the number of participants used to calculate means for each observation

  • treatment Treatment identifiers as factors. Labels are shortened treatment names.

  • treatname Character data giving the full names of each treatment in the format agent_dose

  • agent Agent (drug) names stored as characters

  • class The drug class of the agent (a broader category than agent) stored as characters


Pfizer Ltd.


obesityBW_CFB is a data frame in long format (one row per observation, arm and study), with the variables studyID, time, y, se, n, treatment, treatname, agent and class.